Omega Renk Bearings offers its employees the opportunity to excel on the global stage. We provide the environment and the tools that foster continuous learning and development of skills, and a commitment to delivering the very best in products and services to our customers. We count on our employees’ experience, knowledge, expertise and team spirit in taking Omega Renk Bearings to even higher levels of quality and service.

Our employees ensure excellence in all our intra-organizational processes and practices, as well as in our interactions with our stakeholders. Our employees serve our customers by their deep understanding of, and rapid response to, the customers’ requirements. Our employees demonstrate initiative by doing whatever it takes to fulfill our commitments. In order to accomplish its mission and support exceptional talent, we provide our employees with the latest tools of engineering technology and continuing training in order to develop unparalleled value in our engineering services.

Omega Renk Bearings seeks people who are:

Enthusiastic, motivated, goal oriented and performance driven. They are technically capable, quality conscious, and always willing to learn. They enjoy working to international standards in products and services; in a collaborative team environment as well as independently; have aggressive attention to detail; have exceptional organizational abilities; think creatively and calmly in highly fluid situations and under intense schedules, and deadlines; and have excellent prioritization skills. They are personable and professional; thrive in a convivial open environment with easy access to the senior management; and take initiative with a can-do attitude. At Omega Renk Bearings, we believe that our group of motivated individuals can truly change the world for the better.

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